Best Mental Health Facilities In California

Best Mental Health Facilities In California

Alter Behavioral Health is one of California's best inpatient mental health facilities. We have long provided inpatient mental health programs to California's most vulnerable citizens, along with many out-of-state clients who have traveled across the country to avail of our second-to-none services.

But what makes Alter Behavior so different to other psychiatric residential treatment centers and rehabs in California? Why should you come to us if you or a loved one is experiencing mental health difficulties? There are a plethora of reasons and you'll find the most important of them outlined below.

Free Diagnostic Assessment

Many California residential treatment and rehabilitation centers expect potential clients to pay for their first consultation. This means some people end up paying hundreds of dollars just to be told they are not going to be accepted into the inpatient psychiatric facility. At Alter Behavioral Health, this is not the case. We promise a free diagnostic assessment to every individual who seeks our services. This allows us to determine if our clinic is the right fit for them and, if so, which of our treatments they will most benefit from.

Scientifically-Backed Methods

The science behind mental health rehabilitation is constantly changing. As one of the best mental health facilities in California, it is our job to stay on top of this science, and we do just that. We utilize the absolute latest scientifically-backed methods to diagnose and treat our residents. This markedly reduces the risk of misdiagnosis while simultaneously increasing the patient's chances of recovery tenfold.

Multiple Conditions Treated

Some mental health treatment facilities focus exclusively on one or two mental health conditions. At Alter Behavioral Health, however, we offer programs to treat a wide array of issues. These issues include bipolar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, and obsessive compulsive disorder. This allows us to provide dual-diagnosis treatment to those who require it.

Pioneering Autism Treatment

Even some of the best mental health facilities in California fail to adequately treat many forms of autism. While they may acknowledge that autism is a spectrum, they don’t always take this fact into account when crafting their autism programs. In contrast, our autism treatment programs are themselves a spectrum. We customize each program to the needs of each patient, utilizing pioneering treatment methods and specialized digital apps in the process. This novel approach helps our autistic residents understand their condition and flourish, regardless of its severity.

Expert Team

Alter Behavioral Health is home to some of the leading figures in mental health studies. Our Medical Director, Dr. Sanjai Thankachen has worked with some of the most prestigious medical institutes in the country, including Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He is now a proud member of our family and utilizes his skill and experience to treat a wide array of mental illnesses. Dr. Thankachen works closely with our Clinical Director, Rodrigo Richen, LMFT. Together, they craft a customized treatment plan for each resident. They are assisted in executing each plan by the other highly-skilled members of our expert team. Working as one unit, the Alter Behavioral Health team guarantees second-to-none care to all who enter our clinic.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues, contact Alter Behavioral Health today. Our team is ready to provide world-renowned care and compassion before, during, and after the recovery process.