Mental Health Services Orange County Ca

Mental Health Services Orange County Ca

Alter Behavioral Health does ground-breaking work in mental health services in Orange County, CA, changing the lives of hundreds of individuals suffering from the clasps of psychiatric and behavioral illnesses. We help clients heal from their mental health problems and prevent them from self-medicating or developing an addiction over time. 

What To Expect At Our Mental Health Treatment Facility?

Listed among the top clinics for depression in Irvine, we offer an intensive inpatient mental health program that allows patients to regain control over their life, career, and relationships. Here are a few things you can expect during your stay at our inpatient mental health rehab:

  • You will wake up early in the morning, have a well-rounded meal, and participate in group therapy meetings. 
  • Afternoons are for individual therapy sessions. A licensed therapist will engage you in cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, dialectical behavioral therapy, and counseling sessions. These therapies help you heal from the root cause of your mental disorder and equip you with essential skills for a healthy, peaceful, and fulfilling life after treatment.
  • You can expect to participate in activities with peers at our rehab, providing you an opportunity to socialize with others and build valuable bonds for life. 

Who Needs Inpatient Mental Health Treatment?

Inpatient mental health treatment is a structured and carefully supervised program offered by residential depression treatment centers in Irvine, CA. You should sign up for inpatient mental health treatment if you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • You have hit a plateau with outpatient therapy
  • Experience suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Change in personality
  • Changes in appetite or frequent mood swings
  • Become a threat to yourself or those around you
  • Experience hallucinations, delusions, or disturbing thoughts
  • Have difficulty performing everyday activities or fulfilling work-related responsibilities
  • Require extensive monitoring 

Our premier mental health treatment facilities in Irvine, CA, offer intensive care focusing on stabilizing patient symptoms. We also provide therapeutic and educational services and help patients have a seamless reintegration into the community.

Benefits Of Choosing Us For Mental Health Services In Orange County

Choosing a depression treatment program in Irvine, California, can be daunting for those looking for recovery options. As a leading Irvine depression rehab, we follow a structured healing process to help our clients overcome their mental health problems and embrace a healthier and happier lifestyle. Here are a few benefits of choosing us for your mental health treatment:

  • Experienced Staff – We have the most experienced physicians, RNs, behavioral therapists, and psychiatrists onboard. Our multidisciplinary treatment approach helps our patients achieve holistic recovery from physical, mental, and emotional ailments.
  • Advanced Treatments – We use cutting-edge technology and innovative treatments to address and treat psychiatric illnesses. Our integrated healing approach encompasses counseling, psychotherapy, medications, and group sessions, helping our patients garner the best treatment outcome.
  • Customized Treatment Plans – Each treats each patient individually and creates a personalized recovery blueprint exclusively for them after a detailed mental health exam. We go to great lengths to address our patient's treatment needs and wellness goals and offer tailored care and support throughout their stay at our rehab center.

Contact 949-379-2414 to join Alter Behavioral Health to overcome your mental health condition. As a specialized inpatient rehab for mental health services in Orange County, CA, we offer around-the-clock medical care, create personalized treatment plans, and help individuals safely recover from their mental disorders.

Mental Health Services Orange County Ca