Orange County Bipolar Treatment

Orange County Bipolar Treatment

At Alter Behavioral Health, we believe that recovery is possible. We help patients with bipolar disorder lead healthy, meaningful lives by focusing their attention on wellness and possibility. We believe in embracing the concepts of recovery and fulfilling lives. The doctors and counselors in our inpatient psychiatric facility understand the effects of BD on patients’ lives. Therefore, we refocus the attention of patients towards positive aspects of their lives instead of the negative.

We Focus on Treating the Whole Person

The best inpatient mental health facilities offer a wide range of mental health services, including individual psychotherapy, structured work, group therapy, and medication. Our treatment programs address every facet of residents' lives, including physical wellness, purpose and fulfillment, emotional and psychological wellbeing, intellectual creativity and fulfillment, and independence.

The staff in our Psychiatric residential treatment centers and rehab in California consists of an interdisciplinary recovery team comprising mental health professionals with many years of experience. Due to the unique patient needs, some facets may receive greater emphasis than others. However, we will attend to all facets of the patient's life.

Family Member Support

Alter Behavioral Health mental health treatment facilities consider patients' families an essential component of their treatment. We understand that family support could reduce patients' health by up to 75 percent. Our physicians consider supportive families essential parts of patients' wellbeing and recovery. Although we value family contributions to patient's recovery, we rely on patients' views to guide our communication with their families.

We assign a wide range of healthcare professionals to each patient, including recovery coordinators and family liaisons. Our healthcare professionals understand how distractive bipolar disorder can be to patients and their families. Therefore, we provide family support to enable them to benefit from our healthcare resources.

Alter Behavioral Health supports families in many ways, including:

  • Educating families on how to help their loved ones
  • Organizing regular family meetings

Excellent BD Treatment

At Alter Behavioral Health, we encourage patients to participate in group meetings to discuss wellness and recovery options. These group sessions provide residents with opportunities to understand:

  • Signs of recovery
  • Maintenance activities
  • Bipolar disorder triggers
  • Signs their symptoms could be worsening
  • What typically happens during a psychological or emotional meltdown
  • How to deal with adverse symptoms when they appear
  • How to develop a plan for maintaining healthy and productive lives

Supportive Community

Alter Behavioral Health inpatient mental health programs appreciate the role of the community in patients' recovery. Many people with BD develop poor social skills and often withdraw from others. BD patients are often afraid of people's judgment and reaction if they suffer a manic or depressive episode. Although this may seem helpful, it usually worsens the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Our counselors engage patients regularly and inquire what residents consider signs of a stable and healthy life. However, we understand the difficulty patients experience in identifying their symptoms because of the nature of BD. In the beginning, it is usually difficult for patients to tell whether they are doing well or not.

One of the most substantial benefits of being in the supportive community at Alter Behavioral Health is it offers our health professionals and caregivers opportunities to identify when patients are doing well.

California residential treatment and rehabilitation centers do not identify residents by their symptoms; instead, we focus on their strengths and contributions. Please contact Alter Behavioral Health to receive treatment in a world-class residential mental health facility in California.


Orange County Bipolar Treatment