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Identifying Schizophrenia and Developing a Treatment Plan

Identifying schizophrenia can be difficult, given the diverse symptoms. Schizophrenia is an often debilitating disorder that impairs one’s ability to think and behave rationally. Individuals with schizophrenia have a difficult time differentiating fantasy from reality. These symptoms manifest in a variety of ways, and no known method can cure the disorder. This article will look […]

Was My PTSD Misdiagnosed as Depression?

Mental health treatment should be supportive and kind. It should be challenging yet educational and healing. If not, a person’s mental health may be more harmed. Proper treatment and diagnosis are necessary for healing. However, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression often get misdiagnosed, as some professionals mix up the symptoms. Alter Behavioral Health begins […]

How Can Dialectical Behavior Therapy Help Me Become Self-Empowered?

Any type of psychological disorder can feel overwhelming and uncontrollable. These feelings can be intense during the early days of a disorder’s symptoms appearing. Someone with a mood disorder may understand those feelings intimately, as intense, uncontrollable emotions are a symptom of many mood disorders. Treatment for mood disorders often includes dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). […]

What Can I Expect From Mental Health Treatment?

Living and thriving with a mental health disorder, or psychiatric disorder, is possible. However, when you first start exhibiting symptoms and behavioral changes from a developing psychiatric disorder, it can be hard to imagine living with one. For stability, understanding your disorder, and how to live with it, mental health treatment is out there. What […]

I’m in Mental Crisis: How Can I Get Help?

Prolonged stress or exposure to trauma can cause a mental crisis. Being in a mental crisis can make everyday activities, such as brushing your teeth or talking to people, that much harder. It can make emotions feel more intense and overwhelming. Whatever your reaction to a mental crisis, it may require help and inpatient mental […]

Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder and What to Do Next

Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, as its commonly known, is a developmental disorder that first appears in early childhood. Roughly one in 36 children are diagnosed with some form of ASD, making the condition very common. The reason ASD is referred to as a spectrum has to do with the wide range of presentations of […]

Finding the Right Diagnosis: Anxiety and Comorbid Conditions

Finding the right diagnosis is potentially the most crucial step in receiving appropriate and effective care. Many people will seek help for an ongoing condition only to discover that there is another or multiple other conditions simultaneously at play. Comorbidity refers to the presence of multiple conditions in effect simultaneously or presenting themselves in an […]

Someone I Love Is Experiencing Dissociation: How Can I Help?

Watching a loved one go through a mental health crisis or learn to manage a new diagnosis can be challenging. You want to help but may not know how. Unfortunately, someone struggling with a mental illness, such as dissociation disorder, must be willing and open to help. If not, the assistance will not fix anything. […]