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Alcohol Rehab Fort Lauderdale

Alcohol Rehab Fort Lauderdale

Alcohol is the number 1 cause of addiction worldwide, delivering up to 240 million addicts and approximately 3.3 million deaths every year. And, although the US is far from having alcohol problems of the same magnitude countries such as Belarus, Moldova, and Lithuania, the situation isn’t too cheerful here either. With approximately 88,000 deaths related to alcohol abuse and close to 10,000 deaths coming from drunk driving, it is only natural for institutions like Meridian Treatment Solutions to try and regain control of the situation.

Alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale is done by resorting to some of the most effective rehabilitation programs, which are used in tandem for the maximum of effect. Since alcoholism affects the individual on multiple levels, it is only natural for the treatment to work the same way. With that in mind, treating alcohol dependence relies on:

1. Chemical dependency counseling

This is a technique that relies on going all the way to the roots and determines what has caused the drinking problem in the first place. It is a practical psychological method of helping the addict realizing the impact of his actions, as well as all the things that have to lead him to that point in his life.

2. The Dual Diagnosis treatment

There was a time when to receive medical care for mental problems; you first had to get rid of any addiction you might have, whether it was related to alcohol, narcotics or any other substance. Now, with the Dual Diagnosis treatment in place, alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale focuses on both aspects at once, combining medication with psychological support for extensive and faster benefits.

3. Individual and group therapy and spiritual counseling

No stone is left unturned. Everything that can improve the addict’s self-esteem that can support his recovery and provide enough moral support to allow him to rebuild his own life is adopted and put to work.

4. Massage therapy and professional lifestyle support

Every rehabilitation process must aim for the well-being of the individual, both immediate and in the long run. Expert masseurs will make sure to help the mind disconnect from the body, while the former addict’s future will be supported with solid professional advice on health, lifestyle and proper dieting.

5. Relapse prevention programs

Relapse is one of the most dangerous aspects of substance rehabilitation. Studies have shown that approximately 85% of the addicts relapse within the first year after the treatment has completed. This means that unique strategies need to be applied to prevent that from happening, including family therapy support sessions, instructional videos and seminars and so on.

As it can be seen, alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale is a complex system, where multiple strategies converge for the optimal outcome. It is a group effort because substance addiction cannot be broken without massive efforts and sacrifices. But, in the end, if the individual can reclaim his life and get back to his family, it was all worth it.

Meridian Treatment Solutions is one of the institutions leading the battle against alcoholism and drug dependence. Alcohol addiction is a disease and should be treated as such.

Alcohol Rehab Fort Lauderdale