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Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) is our lowest level of care where clients have the flexibility and autonomy to continue daily life while getting the comprehensive care they need. 


We offer two state-of-the-art intensive outpatient programs at our Laguna Beach facility for clients who need more support than an individual outpatient provider can provide. Clients are onsite for either 9 hours per week or 15 hours per week.

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What's Included in Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Clients will receive extensive group therapy in addition to weekly individual therapy and weekly case management. There’s also a focus on life skills, goal setting, and how to maintain a positive attitude and mindset.

Types of Care in IOP

Benefits of IOP

Duration of Stay

Clients generally spend 4 to 6 weeks in our intensive outpatient program, which aims to help them successfully transition into their daily lives after treatment.

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Who Is This Program For?

Clients in our intensive outpatient program need more support than an individual therapist or psychiatrist can provide but do not need hospitalization. It’s common for people who have completed a higher level of care, like residential treatment (RTC) or partial hospitalization (PHP), to transition to this program before fully rejoining their daily lives.

Groups & Activities Overview

We combine psychiatric care and therapy with experiential activities and holistic care to prepare clients for healthy, thriving lives post-treatment. 


The type of individual therapy clients will receive is based on their unique treatment plan, and frequent group therapy helps to reinforce skills and psychoeducation. Clients will also enjoy frequent outings like beach meditation, hiking, and kayaking to provide alternative settings for healing. Our clients highly benefit from our alternative therapies, like art therapy, that they cannot get with a typical outpatient provider.

Daily Programming

Our outpatient program consists of two tracks. Depending on their unique needs, clients will be on-site three days or five days per week.

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Our Unique Approach to Intensive Outpatient Treatment

At Alter, we understand that navigating the path to mental wellness is unique for each individual. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to provide robust support and comprehensive care to those who need more than traditional outpatient services, yet do not require the intensity of inpatient treatment. The program offers a perfect balance, coupling flexible scheduling with a diverse array of therapies tailored to address specific mental health needs.


Through a synergistic approach that includes individual counseling, group therapy, and holistic practices, we empower our clients to regain control of their lives while maintaining their daily responsibilities. At Alter, we are committed to fostering a nurturing environment where healing and personal growth can flourish.


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We Accept Most Insurance

We accept most major insurance providers including the ones displayed here.
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