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Mental Health Care Jobs Are More Than Careers, They Are Missions.

When people choose careers in mental health, they do it because they care about their impact on the world. So do we. That’s why we’re assembling the very best team for both telehealth and in-person care. Are you ready to change lives together?

Empowering Paths to Wellness​

Our residential support services range from licensed (non-locked) mental health homes with 24/7 staff and nursing support, to transitional living houses with individually tailored staff support available, to independent program-assisted housing, to outpatient full-independence living. Within our supportive and structured therapeutic milieu, numerous therapeutic services are available and designed to be tailored to each unique individual and family.

Our range of services include intensive individual, group, and family psychotherapy, psychiatric and medication management support, addiction and substance use disorder curriculum, social and independent living skills training, nutrition and physical wellness support, academic and vocational guidance, and many other supportive and adjunctive services to best build a comprehensive and well-rounded treatment plan. In short, we offer a full continuum of care with the basic goal of helping our clients gain the functional skills necessary to have a full, productive, and happy life.

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To transform lives and produce societal change by improving mental health treatment methods and outcomes.

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Work-Life Balance​


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Our Core Values​

Relentless Innovation​

Be bold, continuously aim to redefine the behavioral healthcare industry and improve recovery success rates for the purpose of profound social change.


We operate as one cohesive and collegial company that supports our team to be successful, promotes communication and celebrates shared accomplishments.


Provide care, love and compassion with the intent of transforming every life we touch. We believe that an organization comprised of people with passion and purpose can change the world for better.


We act with honor and do the right thing for our clients, our employees, our company, and our communities.


Exceed expectations in all we do – focus on action and results.


We use clinical technology and data analytics to overcome obstacles. All our treatment and business decisions are guided by insightful research and analysis. Our data-directed and scientific approach leads to precision treatment methods ensuring our clients achieve the best outcomes possible.

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Residential Mental Health Treatment

Residential Mental Health Treatment

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