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May 15, 2024

Discovery of the Maternal Journey by Neha Kumar, Director of Clinical Relations ,


Apr 15, 2024

Neha Kumar, Clinical Director, opens up about her personal experience with postpardum depression and weighs in on its importance from a clinical perspective.


Apr 2, 2024

Healing A Broken Mental Health System: Michael Castanon Of Alter Behavioral Health On 5 Things That Can Be Done To Fix Our Broken Mental Health System

Michael Castanon, Interview With Stephanie Greer - Authority Magazine


Mar 5, 2024

In A Rut? TikTokers Say To Make Dinner Plans For 90 Days From Now

Transform Gloom into Bloom: How the 90-Day Dinner Trend Promotes Healing and Hope, Featuring Insights from Karla Alvarez, Program Director, AMFT, APCC


Feb 12, 2024

'How is everybody doing?' With one question, Elmo exposes our mental health struggles.

Neha Kumar, Clinical Director, Explores Elmo's Impactful Mental Health Check-In: A Movement of Compassion and Awareness


Feb 1, 2024

As ‘manic cleaning’ trends on TikTok, psychologists reveal reasons, risks behind impulsive tidying

Nilou Nikou, Chief Clinical Officer, on TikTok's Cleaning Trend: 'No One Should Be Manically Cleaning in the Hours They’re Supposed to Be Asleep'


Jan 31, 2024

Record suicides ‘a wake-up call’ to challenge current approach to mental health care

Towards Compassionate Care: Vision for Revamping Mental Health Services by Neha Kumar, Clinical Director


Jan 23, 2024

The Orange Peel Theory Is Going Viral on TikTok, but Does It Actually Say Anything About the Strength of Your Relationship?

Unraveling Relationship Myths: Neha Kumar, Clinical Director, Weighs In on viral TikTok trends


Jan 16, 2024

Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was First Diagnosed With Mental Illness.

Navigating Mental Health Challenges: Journey and Insight from Michael Castanon, CEO


Dec 21, 2023

What Is Ketamine Therapy, and Can it Cure Depression?

Exploring Ketamine Therapy: Its Potential to Cure Depression and the Associated Risks - Insights from Katarena Arger, Clinical Director


Dec 21, 2023

Signs You’re Stuck in a Scarcity Mindset—And, How to Break Free

Understanding the Scarcity Mindset: Its Effects on Individuals and Relationships with Katarena Arger, Clinical Director


Dec 13, 2023

Oprah says she’s ‘never been to therapy’: Not everyone needs it, but we could all benefit, one expert says

Oprah's Stance on Therapy: Exploring the Question of Necessity and the Potential Benefits - Insights from Neha Kumar, Clinical Director


Dec 11, 2023

TikTok's "Orange Peel" Relationship Theory, Explained

Understanding TikTok's Viral Relationship Theory: Unraveling the 'Orange Peel' Test with Insights from Neha Kumar, Clinical Director


Dec 6, 2023

4 AI Therapy Options Reviewed: Do They Work?

Exploring the Effectiveness of AI Therapy: Insights and Reviews by Katarena Arger, Clinical Director


Aug 11, 2023

Addiction Treatment Viewed as Behavioral Health's Top Expansion Area

Prioritizing Quality over Quantity: Michael Castanon's Insights on Behavioral Health Staffing Challenges


June 21, 2022

How To Get Mental Health Leave Without Jeopardizing Your Job

Navigating Mental Health Leave: Expert Advice from Katarena Arger, Clinical Director


Mar 22, 2022

Mental Health Champions: Why & How Katarena Arger Is Helping To Champion Mental Wellness

Katarena Arger: Leading the Charge for Mental Wellness and Advocating for Mental Health


January 19, 2022

Why Your New Year’s Resolution Already Failed

Cracking the Code of Failed New Year's Resolutions: Expert Guidance from Katarena Arger, Clinical Director

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