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Anger Management

What is Anger Management

Anger management therapy has been developed as more and more people are struggling with anger. It is normal, human nature to express or feel anger. However, frequent episodes of anger and frustration may become a problem over time. The feeling of anger itself is actually a healthy, normal emotion and very important. When we talk about “anger management” we are referring to the harmful and aggressive behaviors people act out in response to feelings of anger.

Signs of Anger Management Issues

It’s hard to imagine being too happy or too excited, but people may find themselves being too angry. Having too much anger can be a sign of a larger problem. You may have an anger management problem if you:

  • Are angry too often, like everyday or multiple times each week
  • Spend a lot of your day being angry
  • Find the anger increasing in intensity
  • Hurt yourself or others due to angerFind that anger is causing other mental or physical health problems
  • Make excuses for your behavior to others or deny that your anger is a problem

What Techniques Are Involved in Anger Management Therapy?

Identifying triggers and responses: Therapy can help you understand what contributes to your expressions and feelings of anger (both helpful and unhelpful).
Learning strategies to diffuse anger: Anger management therapy can equip you with strategies to disrupt your anger or manage your response to it through creating pause, practicing mindfulness, and self-regulation.
Changing attitude and thought patterns: Therapy can also involve restructuring thinking and changing beliefs related to anger, particularly if your therapist is taking a CBT approach.

Benefits of Anger Management Therapy

  • Identify triggers
  • Change or challenge your thinking
  • Develop coping skills
  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Solve effective problem-solving techniques
  • Improve communication

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