In the past, studies into autism spectrum disorders and the treatment of those with autism typically regarded these people as problems to be solved. It wasn’t until relatively recently that the world has begun to appreciate that people with autism aren’t worse, but different. With the proper support, autistic people can enjoy excellent quality of life and fulfilling social circles. At Alter Behavioral Health, this is the kind of support that we aim to provide.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum conditions exist on a broad, diverse spectrum that affect people of every color, gender, and creed. No two people with autism have an experience that’s exactly alike, but there are certain areas of common ground many people have. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network, a non-profit run by autistic adults identifies some of the following trends:

  • Different ways of thinking, which often entails strong attention to detail and/or difficulty with executive function
  • Divergence in the way the senses are processed, which can often make bright lights or sounds seem overwhelming
  • Difficulty with fine motor skills that can lead to different manners of walking and gesturing
  • Social norms defined by allistic, or non-autistic people are often unintuitive to autistic individuals which can make socializing difficult lead to direct, transparent, and blunt communication styles

While much of the public discourse surrounding autism revolves around disadvantages, studies show autistic brains have distinct advantages. It’s often helpful to think of an autistic brain not as disordered, but different. With the proper support and understanding, autistic adults are perfectly capable of achieving comfortable and happy lives.

In addition to treating the comorbid conditions, we will also be equipped to support the physical medical conditions that most often accompany autism such as:

Disrupted Sleep

Gastrointestinal (GI) Problems


Feeding Issues

A Holistic Approach to Helping Adults with Autism Thrive

Alter Behavioral Health takes the difference-not-disorder philosophy to heart in our treatment of adults with autism. This starts with helping the patient understand ways that they can cope with living in a world that isn’t quite designed for them, and extends to the pursuit of social and educational opportunity.

Self-Management, Psychotherapy, and Medication

An important step to improving quality of life for autistic individuals is seeking coping mechanisms. When someone feels overwhelmed by sensory overload from light or sound, it’s often possible to calm down by focusing on something else. It’s also possible to circumvent many issues of executive function by seeking out solutions that make every-day tasks easier.

While there are no medications to treat autism, it’s common for autistic individuals to suffer from other conditions that can be medicated. For instance, above-average levels of anxiety are extremely high among the population with autism. Heightened substance abuse, self-esteem issues, and others may be tackled by self management.


Unfortunately, neurotypical people are often unwilling to interact with autistic individuals based on superficial judgments. Fulfilling social connection is essential to all people, and Alter Behavioral Health works to connect autistic adults with social and community resources to fill this gap.

Education and Employment

The unique advantages of autistic brains are something that many employers in all walks of life are coming to appreciate. For instance, the Israeli military famously begun tapping individuals with autism for technically-oriented jobs or in military intelligence. The data entry startup Daivergent has found that autistic people often outperform non-autistic peers in their detail-oriented, repetive work. Alter Behavioral Health strives to connect autistic adults to the growing field of opportunities that appreciate their unique strengths.

Compassionate Care Professionals

Alter Behavioral Health is all about making people feel that they’re welcome and in good hands. From the receptionist to the primary care professionals, our team is empathetic and understanding of the unique needs that come with neurodivergency. From start to finish, we’ll make sure you feel welcome here.

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