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Our Admissions Process

Our team is here for you from the moment you pick up the phone to call us until you or your loved one’s first day of treatment. We take care of everything from verifying your insurance benefits to organizing travel plans, and of course, coming up with the best treatment plan.

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Getting Started

The first step can feel like the biggest one. One small phone call can change the course of your life. Your loved one’s life. Having that first conversation can feel intimidating and scary. It’s difficult to ask for help. We completely understand.


Our first conversation doesn’t haven’t to be a big thing, or any kind of commitment. You have questions, we have lots of answers. We want to hear what you or your loved one is struggling with, and we are ready to share how we can help.


We are standing by to take your call and provide you details about our programs. We can verify your insurance benefits, facilitate logistics, provide travel assistance, and more.

Contact Us For a Brief Assessment

Getting your consultation is completely free and only takes a few minutes. There’s nothing to lose by giving us a quick call, and everything to gain.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

A great way to get started exploring treatment options is to verify your insurance benefits so you can understand how much treatment might cost.

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What to Expect

After insurance is verified, we’ll go through a pre-admission assessment with you to learn about any symptoms, treatment history, medical background, and treatment goals. This information is then sent to our clinical team for approval. 


If your situation is a good fit for Alter, we’ll contact you within a couple of hours to finalize all treatment details: where you or your loved one will be going, how long you’ll be there, and what you need to bring with you. Once you arrive at the facility, we’ll give you a schedule so there’s no question about daily activities. We also keep the family informed throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps of the admissions process?

There is a two-step process. First, one of our representatives will take down your basic demographic information and complete a brief pre-screening assessment. Then the assessment is reviewed by the clinical team to ensure that we are the best fit to meet the individuals needs

Alter Behavioral Health can accept most health insurance plans and will work closely with your insurance company to secure insurance coverage for your treatment program. Our staff will manage and coordinate every aspect of your admission to the facility. We want to take as much stress out of this already stressful situation for you. We will determine your exact insurance coverage and eligibility, will bill your insurance company, and find out what, if any, out-of-pocket expenses (such as co-pays or deductibles) will be needed. You have insurance for a reason, we want it to cover as much of your stay in treatment as possible.
Alter Behavioral Health is accredited through the Joint Commission and is licensed by the Department of Healthcare Services in California and the Department of Social Services.
Yes! Please call or send us an email for more information.
Alter Behavioral Health Program is co-ed, but we do offer gender specific rooms upon request.
At Alter Behavioral Health we are more than happy to discuss couples treatment and therapy options. Our clinical team will decide the best programming options for you and your loved ones.
Alter Behavioral Health is an 18+ program. We would be happy to provide referrals to other great programs that treat minors.
Yes, we offer free transportation to and from treatment. Our driver can come pick you up – even if you are hours away! We want your admission with us to be as easy, safe, and stress-free as possible. Let us know if you will need some help getting to treatment.
We can help. Give us a call and we can evaluate the situation and help guide the discussion.
Give us a call or email. Our admissions team can speak to you or your loved one to provide education on the steps to take.
Our team has experience dealing with the court system and legal issues. We’re able to vouch for your progress and presence in treatment.
Every employment situation is different but if you qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you are only required to let your employer know that you are taking a medical leave. Our team is able to assist you not only in FMLA but also can provide additional support in any state leave that you may qualify for.

Call Now for Program Availability

Contact our admissions team to learn about our programs and to check availability at our facilities, or submit your insurance to verify coverage.

We Accept Most Insurance

We accept most major insurance providers including the ones displayed here.
Submit your insurance to confirm coverage.

We Accept Most Insurance

We accept most major insurance providers including the ones displayed here.
Submit your insurance to confirm coverage.

Licensed & Accredited

Our facilities have been awarded prestigious recognition and certifications by adhering to rigorous guidelines and exceeding quality standards with consistent, safe & effective healthcare services.