PTSD Therapy Orange County CA

The essence of one’s well-being is typically built by one’s mind and physical status. Mental treatment facilities will use more than one treatment to support your optimal health through rebuilding the body and nurturing the brain with proper emotional channeling.

Alter Behavioral Health contributes to your PTSD treatment by emphasizing treatments that teach you to love yourself and tap into an inner power that will carry you through hardships long after you leave the facility. PTSD takes a massive toll on one’s emotional and physical health and tends to have contagious effects on all other areas of your life. Everyone reacts differently and therefore needs a different type of therapy care, which means you are at an advantage when you hire expert depression treatment centers in Irvine, CA, to determine the course of illness and assign proper treatment plans.

Our Approach To Treating PTSD

PTSD quickly leads to depression and complex life issues that change your behavior and all other components of your being. Our Irvine depression rehab helps PTSD by using every competent kit in the toolbox, such as medication, therapy sessions, and more. The idea behind this is to address all the side effects and causes of PTSD so your mind and body can easily let go of the memories and retain the new mindset we guide you to adopt.

Types Of PTSD Treatment Options By Clinics For Depression In Irvine


Psychotherapy medication is the first option in treatment because it supports the body and mind with chemicals that induce healthy feelings and bodily functions. Older or ailing patients gain a lot from the medication process because their bodies struggle a lot more and could use all the start-up it needs to alleviate anxiety and stress. Some common medication treatments include:

  • Antidepressants like Prozac
  • Anti-anxiety medications to suppress jittery nerves
  • Antipsychotics to control severe PTSD symptoms
  • Additional drugs are provided with the permission of professional medical advisors to offer extra stimulation for more effectiveness.

Some of these additional drugs are only offered in improbable conditions because some could have adverse effects if prescribed without proper medical care. Remember that you must be under constant monitoring to prevent side effects due to excessive or prolonged use.


There are several options for psychotherapy treatment, which all aim to identify and correct the unhealthy patterns in your mind. Here is a summary of psychotherapy for PTSD therapy in Orange County, CA.

  • Cognitive processing therapy allows you to process the trauma better and redirects your thoughts to a more healing frame of mind.
  • Prolonged exposure therapy – We teach you skills and new ways of thinking to train your mind on better ways to prevent stress in the future
  • EMDR – Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing re-patterns the brain by bringing the details of your thoughts to the forefront. This method allows you to quickly learn how to observe your thoughts and deal with anxiety, fatigue, and delusions, among other psychotic complications.

We use a range of other medical and alternative depression treatment programs in Irvine, California, for PTSD therapy. We are open to discussing the right one for you when you check in for admission. Contact our mental health treatment facilities in Irvine, CA, to book a free diagnostic assessment session.