Woman Lauds Alter Behavioral Health’s Team as “Informative and Knowledgeable” in Their Treatment


Dana Point, California — A woman who sought treatment to overcome addiction with the support of Alter Behavioral Health recently left a top review for the experience she had and the staff members who helped her along the way while getting help in California.

In her recent five-star Google review, Sarah wrote that she would “highly recommend” Alter Behavioral Health, adding that the staff — every person on the staff, actually — “is very friendly and caring.”

“They are relatable and helpful with an addict’s situation and will go above and beyond to help you in every way they can,” she wrote.

Alter Behavioral Health, which is based in Dana Point, operates a network of world-class facilities across California that primarily address mental health disorders. The company operates a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility, Alter Behavioral Health, in Dana Point that offers customized rehab programs, upscale amenities, and science-based treatment with the capability of same-day placement to start providing immediate help to those in need.

Alter Behavioral Health also operates a short-term mental health crisis stabilization unit, Alter Mental Health, in San Diego, as well as mental health treatment centers in Irvine and Mission Viejo that operate under the Alter Behavioral Health banner. Outpatient mental health treatment is offered at Alter Wellness Care in Laguna Beach.

alter health group is knowledgeable

In addition, Alter Behavioral Health operates two virtual mental health therapy and emotional support lines for California residents. Mindfuli is a virtual therapy platform for mental health treatment and continuing support, while BeWellLine is a state grant-funded free chat and phone emotional support helpline that helps and supports teenagers and young adults throughout the state.

In her Google review for Alter Behavioral Health, Sarah wrote that every staff member provided caring, nurturing support during her addiction treatment in California.

“Alter really has a staff that is informative and knowledgeable,” she wrote. “But better they are like friends!!”

Alter Behavioral Health is no stranger to rave reviews and encouraging word-of-mouth recommendations from past patients and their friends and loved ones who have witnessed the transformation that is possible with supportive, evidence-based, compassionate mental and behavioral health treatment and support for overcoming drug or alcohol addiction. Five-star reviews are common at its facilities across California.

The work all starts with the belief that no two people are the same, including in their struggles with mental and behavioral health problems, which is why the expert and experienced staff at Alter’s network of mental helath treatment centers work with patients to secure accurate diagnoses and to determine customized treatment plans tailored to the individual and their unique circumstances. 

The network’s advanced approach to California mental health treatment is a testament to Alter Behavioral Health’s dedication to providing people in California with the resources and support they need to live better, happier lives. The specialists and compassionate staff members who make up Alter work to help people when and where they need it, how they need it, whether it’s a virtual support platform, intensive inpatient treatment in a safe, comfortable facility, or outpatient help.

Part of that effort is a commitment to work with insurance providers, ensuring that as many people as possible throughout California can access the mental illness and behavioral health support that they need. To learn more about the work and locations of Alter Behavioral Health, visit the network’s website or call 949-570-6454.

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