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Dana Point, California — A former patient is enthusiastically recalling her experience at the Alter Behavioral Health™ Alter Behavioral Health in Dana Point.

“Absolutely amazing,” wrote Taylor, the patient, in a five-star Google review. “The staff is more than accommodating. They really make your experience at this facility the best it can be. They pay attention to close detail and are on top of the game. My admin Jordan walked me through the steps and answered all of my questions in full detail prior to me being checked into the facility, which made me feel really comfortable. Staff member Casey picked me up from my house and made me feel really good about the facility, and even played some of my favorite music in the car. Amazing guy. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction or mental health problems.”

The comfort and concern that Taylor experienced is an essential part of treatment at Alter’s Alter Behavioral Health, which offers effective treatment of substance use and mental health disorders. Treatment combines science-based modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy with holistic strategies like recreation, nutrition, fitness, and meditation therapies.

Alter’s innovative approach to treatment includes the physical setting of its campus. Rather than a drab, institutional environment that can feel like a punishment for “giving in to a character flaw,” Alter creates a comfortable, home-like environment that enables patients to relax and focus on healing. The interior décor is elegant and inviting. Living accommodations feature comfortable beds and accessible bathrooms, while common areas are designed to bring patients together and build the human connection that is critical to recovery. Outdoor and indoor spaces enable conversation and relaxation. Balconies offer a stunning view of the local countryside, inspiring a positive frame of mind. Patients can watch TV together or just chat and get to know each other outside of therapy.

great experience at the facility

The same feeling of safety and security is imparted in Alter’s treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Therapy options also include dual diagnosis, in which a physical addiction is accompanied by an underlying psychological or emotional disorder like anxiety or depression; the dependence may have arisen from the addict’s self-medicating emotional issues with alcohol or drugs.

Alter usually begins treatment with detox, the preparatory phase that rids the body of toxins built up over extended substance use. This withdrawal process can be extremely hard, both physically and emotionally, and sometimes is so severe it can be life-threatening. Alter provides a secure environment where patients are continuously monitored by a professional clinical staff who may administer medication to ease symptoms if needed.

After detox, the real work begins in rehab, where patients explore the underlying causes of their addiction with group and solo therapy sessions, support mechanism building, family counseling, and more. Treatment is offered on an outpatient basis but may be conducted as part of a residential program, with the patient residing in the Alter facility. In residential care, patients find a supportive community and the latest treatments administered by a highly trained, experienced staff. Outpatient care maintains the same high quality, but residential treatment has the added advantage of providing immediate, constant support. Patients are surrounded by other recovering addicts who understand what they’re going through, and if relapse threatens, help is just moments away.

Alter Behavioral Health™ is driven to help people live their best lives. For more information on mental health treatment for yourself or a loved one, visit Alter Behavioral Health or call 949-867-4937.