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10 Symptoms of High-Functioning Depression


Get Help With Depression in California

Depression is a common term people may associate with hopelessness and sadness. But depression can actually involve other symptoms, and there are different types of depression. High-functioning depression is not a clinical term, yet it is often used to describe people who seem highly depressed but continue functioning daily. Many patients showing symptoms of high-functioning depression receive a clinical diagnosis of persistent depressive disorder, which is the more formal way of referring to high-functioning depression.

Dealing with high-functioning depression, like any mental illness, can be difficult unless you receive high-quality treatment. Alter Behavioral Health provides patients with experienced mental healthcare treatment. If you are struggling with depression, visit us for an accurate diagnosis. We can customize a treatment plan to help you manage your depression and improve your quality of life. With effective treatment, you may be able to alleviate the symptoms of your high-functioning depression so you can function more normally in your everyday life.

You can call Alter Behavioral Health at 949-570-6454 today for more details on our process for treating mental health and behavioral health disorders.

Alter Behavioral Health Is Ready to Help

At Alter Behavioral Health, we specialize in depression treatment and other mental health disorders. If you live in California and need help with symptoms of depression or any other signs and symptoms of a mental or mood disorder, you can visit us for an accurate diagnosis. 

Depression, when left untreated, can become a debilitating condition. It also comes with a risk of suicide. If you’ve experienced symptoms of depression for more than two weeks, you should get a medical evaluation from a mental healthcare clinician. You can visit an Alter Behavioral Health mental health treatment center in California for an evaluation and treatment. An accurate diagnosis is important because there are various types of depression and other mental disorders that share common symptoms. Our clinicians are mental health specialists. You can rely on us to diagnose and treat your disorder.

The worst thing to do is to ignore your depression and let symptoms get worse. If your depression affects your sleeping or essential aspects of your life, it’s time to seek help. At Alter Behavioral Health, we can treat you effectively — and with the dignity and respect you deserve.

What Is High-Functioning Depression? 

High-functioning depression is a term that is often used to describe persistent depressive disorder, a long-term form of depression. This condition might even last for years. Often, when people experience clinical depression, it is for a finite time. A person who experiences high-functioning depression may experience symptoms for some time. Others might describe such people as gloomy or pessimistic. At times, these people might seem or feel upbeat. However, their feelings of depression tend to persist rather strongly. 

The symptoms of this disorder can change over time. The disorder’s symptoms are frequently less intense than clinical depression but persist. Their persistence can leave patients feeling drained of energy and tired all the time. It is not uncommon for people with this condition to internalize their depression. People around them may not be aware the person is depressed. However, people usually internalize the symptoms, making them feel worse. Anyone who experiences any signs and symptoms of high-functioning depression should seek help from Alter Behavioral Health.

What Causes High-Functioning Depression?

The causes of high-functioning depression like major depression are not fully understood. However, the medical community asserts that there seem to be a variety of causes that include:

  • Genetics
  • Brain chemistry involves elements such as the neurotransmitters that regulate mood
  • Trauma
  • Stressful life events
  • Medications
  • Substance abuse
  • Personality
  • Certain medical conditions (such as chronic pain, cancer, or diabetes)

There are many different causes of depression and some may even overlap. By visiting your mental healthcare provider and getting an accurate diagnosis, you may be able to pinpoint the origin of your depression with the help of your clinician.

You can call Alter Behavioral Health at 949-570-6454 today for more details on our process for treating mental health and behavioral health disorders.

Who Is at Risk of High-Functioning Depression?

Certain personality traits such as pessimism may leave people more vulnerable to developing persistent depressive disorder. People who have experienced trauma, misused drugs or alcohol, or are genetically predisposed to depression are at risk of developing high-functioning depression. However, remember that this is not an official medical diagnosis. Instead, upon getting an evaluation, people might find that they actually suffer from conditions such as major depression, persistent depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, and others.

If you have high-functioning depression or suspect you have any form of depression, you can visit Alter Behavioral Health for an accurate diagnosis. Let us help you manage your symptoms and put this condition behind you. Get in touch with us for a consultation. Whether or not you are at risk, you can develop a form of depression. Since treatment for depression can be highly effective, it’s essential to visit your mental healthcare provider as soon as possible to get help.

high functioning depression

10 Symptoms of High-Functioning Depression

There are many symptoms of high-functioning depression. These include:

  1. Feeling persistently sad or hopeless
  2. Feeling pessimistic
  3. Feeling insecure or lacking in confidence
  4. Experiencing routine fatigue or lack of energy
  5. Withdrawing from family and friends
  6. Feeling anxious or irritated
  7. Having trouble concentrating
  8. Insomnia or sleep changes
  9. Thinking about suicide
  10. Experiencing physical symptoms of depression such as digestive complaints

If you experience these symptoms, don’t wait to visit an Alter Behavioral Health facility. Let us provide you with a diagnosis so you can get the proper treatment you need for improved mental health and well-being.

How Is High-Functioning Depression Treated?

Today’s treatment for depressive conditions is highly effective. Unfortunately, many people who experience the signs and symptoms of depression or high-functioning depression often don’t seek treatment. There continues to be a stigma surrounding mental illness that makes people avoid visiting their healthcare providers. Even so, patients who visit their medical providers will likely get relief through one of the various treatments. 

If you have symptoms of depression such as those listed above, you should seek treatment. Treatment for depression may include:

  • Psychotherapy: Many forms of psychotherapy may be used to treat depression. Cognitive-behavioral therapy treats various forms of depression, including persistent depressive disorder. This form of therapy helps patients understand the connections between their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. They can learn to recognize unhealthy thought patterns and get support as they work to change them. 
  • Medication: Clinicians at Alter Behavioral Health may prescribe any one of several antidepressants that are approved for the treatment of depression. These medications support the function of neurotransmitters that bring balance to mood. 
  • Support groups: Some patients attend support groups for help managing their depression.

You can call Alter Behavioral Health at 949-570-6454 today for more details on our process for treating mental health and behavioral health disorders.

Alter Behavioral Health Can Help You Treat the Symptoms of High-Functioning Depression in California

If you are struggling with depression, visit Alter Behavioral Health for our professional support. If you live in California and have depression, you can rely on our clinicians for help. Visit us for an accurate diagnosis of your condition. We can help alleviate your symptoms of high-functioning depression with our mental healthcare treatment. Contact us to schedule your visit by contacting our team online or calling us at 949-570-6454. Remember that if you have been struggling with symptoms of depression for more than two weeks, you should see your healthcare provider. Additionally, if you experience emergency symptoms like suicidal thoughts, you should immediately see emergency healthcare.

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