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What Are Two Common Treatments for Mental Illness?

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Mental illness is an umbrella term that covers a vast number of unique conditions. These illnesses vary in terms of cause, character, and treatment. However, there are certain treatments that are effective at treating various illnesses, as well as different methods of handling mental illness that we group into one category. It’s important that a provider is capable of providing different treatments so that they can craft effective, personalized treatment regimens.

Two Common Treatments for Mental Illness

The two leading treatments for mental illness are psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. Each of these categories contains various specific treatments, such as specialized therapies or medicines. Some mental illnesses respond well to psychotherapy, while others require medication treatment.


The use of psychotherapy techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy to treat mental illness is a rapidly-evolving science. Today, psychotherapy is seen as increasingly necessary in all cases of treating mental illness, although the role it plays varies. Psychotherapy is proven effective in treating conditions such as anxiety In particular, this treatment method is 64% successful in treating depression.

The reason that psychotherapy often works for such conditions is that it’s able to address the root causes of the condition and replace the cycles of thinking that drive them. However, psychotherapy is powerless to cure conditions such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Nonetheless, it plays an important role in helping the person understand their condition and live comfortably even as pharmacotherapy takes center stage.


Some treatment plans for depression and anxiety don’t involve medication at all, but it’s possible to treat these ailments with medication. However, it’s not necessarily an either/or choice. Some studies have indicated that combined medication therapy and psychotherapy are more effective than either is alone. If you’re in treatment for mental illness and one solution isn’t working for you, then you may want to inquire about trying both together.

While pharmacotherapy is a valuable option in treating most mental illnesses, it’s necessary for treating schizophrenia and psychotic disorders. The first generation of anti-psychotics carried a lot of health risks, but these were an unfortunate necessity. However, the modern suite of second-generation anti-psychotics carries far lesser risks of adverse reactions.

Every person is different, and even two people with the same mental illness may have different needs. Psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy are each valuable treatment methods, and it’s important to get the care that you need if you’re suffering from a mental illness. You can receive the personalized, tailored care you need at Alter Behavioral Health.

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