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Michael Castanon

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Michael Castanon, Founder and CEO of Alter Behavioral Health, host of the Alter’d Life Podcast, and the visionary behind, Care Predictor. He has been a driving force in mental health services, focusing on evidence-based treatments and scientific advancements. He has a proven track record in developing successful behavioral healthcare businesses and is dedicated to creating innovative methods to improve success rates. His mission is to utilize data and strategies to build a leading mental healthcare platform.

Before entering behavioral healthcare, Michael spent over 20 years in executive roles in the financial sector, where he developed expertise in strategic growth. He applied these skills to assemble a skilled team at Alter Behavioral Health, propelling it to industry leadership.

Michael’s commitment extends to creating mental health resources like BeWellLine, a crisis hotline, and Mindfuli, a virtual platform connecting people to affordable counselors and therapists. Mindfuli, has facilitated over 130,000+ virtual care encounters. These initiatives have been supported by grants, including a $5M grant from the California Mental Health Services Authority.

Now leading Care Predictor, Michael aims to revolutionize behavioral healthcare by improving clinical performance prediction, hiring processes, and reducing bias, thus enhancing care quality and competitiveness in healthcare. He has been featured as an industry leader in Authority Magazine and a speaker at BHASE Behavioral Health Summit in 2023 & 2024.

Michael Castanon’s vision and leadership continue to transform lives, guiding clients away from addiction and mental health challenges, promising a brighter future in mental and behavioral health.

Alter'd Life Podcast with Michael Castanon

In this podcast Michael interviews guests with profound stories about the power of human connection and discusses how through relationships we might find the answers to our biggest human problems.

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