Bipolar Residential Treatment California

Alter Behavioral Health is a pioneer rehab specializing in bipolar residential treatment in California. Leaving bipolar disorder is never a good idea as it can lead to suicidal thoughts, poor work or school performance, and legal or financial problems. Seeking timely help for bipolar disorder can reduce your risk for complications and improve your quality of life.

Is Treatment For Bipolar I Different From Bipolar II?

The bipolar disorder treatment involves a combination of medications and psychotherapies. The manic episodes of bipolar I disorder are more severe and dangerous. On the other hand, individuals with bipolar II disorder suffer from depression for long periods of time, causing significant impairment with substantial consequences.

Whether you have bipolar I or II, your doctor may try to manage your conditions with medications like mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, antidepressants, and antidepressant-antipsychotics. In addition to medications, our Irvine depression rehab also uses psychotherapy to address and treat bipolar disorder. We use cognitive behavioral therapy to identify and treat unhealthy, negative beliefs and behaviors.

Our psychotherapy programs replace unhealthy behavioral patterns and thoughts with healthy and positive ones. We are one of the few inpatient clinics for depression in Irvine with a highly effective inpatient treatment program.

When To See A Doctor For Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, is a mental health illness that causes extreme mood swings. Mood swings can include emotional highs, mania or hypomania, and lows or depression. If you suffer from any depression or mania symptoms, you should join one of the depression treatment centers in Irvine, CA, or see a mental health professional at the earliest. Bipolar disorder does not solve on its own. Getting treatment from one of the mental health facilities in Irvine, CA, is the only way to get your symptoms under control.

If you experience suicidal thoughts or behavior, which is common among individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder, call 911 or your specific local emergency number asap. Alternatively, rush to an emergency room or call a trusted relative or friend to help you. If you need immediate help to prevent hurting yourself, call the US suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Benefits Of Bipolar Residential Treatment

Our inpatient depression treatment program in Irvine, California, can benefit you in several ways. Some of the core advantages of signing up for our bipolar residential treatment include:

  1. It Offers Supportive Structures And Routines 

One of the keys to overcoming your mental health issue is consistency and stability. Residential treatment programs make you follow a carefully structured schedule and routine, supporting you through the first couple of weeks of treatment. Most patients continue to follow these new habits for daily living, allowing them to maintain safety and structure in the long term.

  1. Minimizes Distraction

Another key to mental health treatment is to focus on symptom and behavior management. Inpatient treatment can help you develop the skills necessary to improve your quality of life without any distractions from the outside world.

  1. Residential Programs Foster A Sense Of Community

Inpatient treatment allows patients to share experiences and concerns with peers in a non-judgmental setting, providing them with a sense of community.

Getting help from a reputed mental health treatment center specializing in bipolar disorder treatment can help you manage your symptoms. Contact us at 949-379-2414 to learn more about our bipolar residential treatment in California. Alter Behavioral Health can offer the best bipolar treatment and prevent your condition from worsening. Get in touch with us today.