California Mental Health Services

Consider choosing Alter Behavioral Health for California mental health services provided through residential treatment. At ABH, we offer around-the-clock care for patients in need of healing from trauma, depression, anxiety, and many other mental health disorders. We become your partners in treatment, assisting you to establish goals and develop a personalized treatment plan that works for you. If you’re fearful or anxious about entering treatment, we encourage you to call our helpline at 866-205-1207 to learn how we can support you through your journey to mental wellness.

Do I Need California Mental Health Services?

At Alter Behavioral Health, we’ve found that in many cases, patients are misdiagnosed or have failed to receive a diagnosis of any kind regarding their mental health. One of the first steps we take in providing quality care is to provide a free diagnostic assessment to fully understand your unique challenges and issues you’re dealing with day-to-day. After analysis, our team will come alongside you to create a tailored treatment plan that will improve your quality of life.

Symptoms Of Mental Illness

You may exhibit a single symptom of a mental health disorder or you may be dealing with multiple symptoms. At Alter Behavioral Health, we treat the whole person, not the symptoms of mental illness. Some common signs that you need to seek treatment for PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, or another type of mental health issue may include one or more of the following:

  • Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, or suicidal thoughts
  • Depressive moods that won’t lift
  • Excessive anxiousness or nervousness in social situations
  • Delusions that include living out fantasies or movie scripts
  • A preoccupation with weight
  • An inability to maintain healthy relationships
  • Distancing oneself from friends and family

Hope For Lasting Mental Wellness

Through our residential California mental health services, we help patients get their lives back on track through medication management and therapy. Our virtual platform, Mindfuli, provides support after you leave our residential treatment center. Mindfuli can offer support and help you maintain the success you’ve achieved through our inpatient program. You’ll find additional information about Mindfuli Continuing Care on our website.

Social isolation often leads to backsteps with mental health treatment; therefore, we believe it’s important for every patient to have access to social support. The Mindfuli Continuing Care model ensures that this type of support is available and enjoyable as a way to engage with our network. We invite you to look over our residential treatment program and aftercare services while on our website.

Real Help For A Bright Future

You don’t have to live with mental illness or feel alone while seeking help for a mental health disorder. Help and hope are available 24/7 when you reach out to Alter Behavioral Health today. Compassionate care professionals make people feel welcomed and in good hands while taking the initial steps in the journey to mental wellness. Treatment starts with a virtual tour of our beautiful facility or by calling our helpline to inquire about California mental health services.