Orange County Mental Health Programs

Compare Orange County mental health programs offered by Alter Behavioral Health with other treatment centers in the area and you’ll see why so many of our patients leave us 5-star reviews for the level of care we provide. We believe sound treatment that leads to mental wellness begins with a thorough evaluation, an accurate diagnosis, and treatment in a residential facility such as ours. With the right program, you can enjoy life to a fuller degree, absent of mental illness and the symptoms associated with mental health disorders. Get in touch with us today to start treatment.

3 Reasons To Choose Our OC Mental Health Programs

1. Residential treatment for mental illness is effective, especially when an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan are part of the process of healing. If you’re able to commit to a residential stay in our beautiful treatment center, you’ll have an excellent chance of achieving long-term wellness goals. Inpatient treatment is considered the gold standard and is more often recommended than outpatient treatment, especially for severe mental health conditions.

At ABH, we’ve established one of the best depression treatment centers in Irvine, CA; however, we treat more than just depressive disorders. You’ll find quality care for anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and more in our Irvine depression rehab.

2. Alter Behavioral Health has created a virtual depression treatment program in Irvine, California that serves as an aftercare program once you’ve left residential treatment. Our online platform, Mindfuli, can help you maintain mental health without having to drive to therapy sessions or engage in physical outpatient counseling.

Mindfuli is one of the first online clinics for depression in Irvine, designed to support long-term positive outcomes for our patients. You can read more about how to access Mindfuli 24/7 through our virtual platform when you click ‘Continuing Care- Mindfuli’ on our homepage.

3. We take a holistic and unique approach to recovery from mental illness at Alter Behavioral Health. Unlike other treatment centers that focus on treating the illness, we treat the whole patient, meeting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs through our program. We recognize that there is a particular stigma associated with mental illness; however, we go to great lengths to diminish stigmas and help patients focus on healing through treatment and recovery services.

Treatment begins at ABH with a full assessment and accurate diagnosis, which lead to a personalized treatment plan based on your individual needs and goals. It’s been our experience that many patients who come to us for treatment have been misdiagnosed or only partly diagnosed. Following a correct diagnosis at ABH, evidence-based treatment is used in combination with medication with a full recovery as our aim.

Call Alter Behavioral Health now to request a free diagnostic assessment and information about our residential Orange County mental health programs. Treating mental health disorders is all we do at ABH; with a focus on your wellness, you’ll have the best chance of treatment success and you can look forward to a full life where there is no place for mental illness.