Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility California

Alter Behavioral Health has a highly skilled team of mental health specialists who offer the best care and support to those battling addiction. Our psychiatric residential treatment facility in California uses proven techniques and science-based therapies to address and treat depression, helping patients achieve improved mental wellness.

Importance Of Residential Psychiatric Treatment

Unlike treatment for physical health conditions, mental disorders require long-term care and professional support. Those who suffer from severe depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, schizophrenia, etc., benefit more from residential treatment than outpatient therapy. Residential depression treatment centers in Irvine, CA, offer an immersive healing experience, optimizing your chances of achieving a safe and pain-free recovery from your mental ailment.

More importantly, inpatient mental health treatment secludes you from your everyday environment and helps you catch a break from your routine life. The new, serene, and calming environment can help you place your undivided focus on healing and recovery. Not to mention, dealing with your mental health problems with individuals battling similar issues in a comfortable and trigger-free environment can provide you with a sense of community and motivate you as you work towards improved psychiatric and emotional wellness.

Types Of Depression

The symptoms you experience can vary depending upon your specific type of depression. Meet a psychiatrist at a leading Irvine depression rehab to help you understand the depression type causing your symptoms. Our depression treatment program in Irvine, California, addresses the following types of mental health ailments:

  • Anxious distress — It is a form of depression that causes unusual restlessness or worries about possible or future events.
  • Mixed features — Some patients may experience depression and mania simultaneously. Individuals with this type of depression may have elevated self-esteem, talk too much, and experience increased energy.
  • Melancholic features — Patients with severe depression sometimes exhibit a lack of response to something that they enjoyed doing once. Examples include worsened mood in the morning, significant changes in appetite, feelings of guilt, agitation, sluggishness, etc.

In some patients, depression can manifest as atypical features, psychotic features, catatonia (uncontrollable and purposeless motor activity or posture), etc. In case of exhibiting any of these symptoms, seek help from one of the top clinics for depression in Irvine at the earliest.

Do I Have Depression?

You should never take depression lightly. While depression can go undiagnosed, here are a few symptoms that warn the need for professional treatment from one of the mental health treatment facilities in Irvine, CA:

  • Personality changes
  • Fatigue, loss of appetite, and sleep problems
  • Loss of interest in sex (which doesn’t relate to a medical condition or medication)
  • Wanting to stay at home rather than going out
  • Experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings
  • Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness, and hopelessness
  • Angry outbursts, irritability, frustration over small matters, etc.

Sometimes taking a break from your everyday environment can bring about a positive change in your mental and emotional health. Our psychiatric residential treatment facility in California has helped hundreds of individuals suffering from mental health issues embrace a healthier mindset and improved emotional wellness. Alter Behavioral Health accepts most insurance plans and offers unsurpassed mental health care at affordable prices.