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Residential Mental Health Treatment Centers in Irvine

The Growing Need for Mental Health Services in Irvine Alter Behavioral Health is one of the best residential mental health treatment centers Irvine residents can access, offering high-quality diagnosis and care to each individual while destigmatizing mental health in the community of Irvine. Mental health care in California is becoming more important as the demand […]

Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder in Mission Viejo

Understanding BPD: Symptoms and Diagnosis Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a complex mental health disorder that has long-lasting impacts on those living with it. BPD is characterized by experiencing difficulties managing or regulating emotions and an inability to control impulses. A BPD diagnosis is a complex process as there isn’t a single medical test or […]

Patient Recommends Alter Behavioral Health for Having Great Programs

Mission Viejo, California — Traditional therapy was just the start of the positive experience at Alter Behavioral Health for one patient who posted a five-star review of Alter’s program in Mission Viejo, California. She praised everything from the staff to the holistic therapies, recreational activities, and even the food. “The staff are great, beginning with […]

When Do You Need Inpatient Psychiatric Care?

Knowing when you’d benefit from inpatient psychiatric care is an important first step in your mental health recovery. There may be obvious signs that you and your loved ones notice when your mental health symptoms worsen or subtle ones that tell you it’s time to find more support. Inpatient treatment centers offer highly trained professionals […]

How to Get Inpatient Mental Health Care Near Los Angeles

Although it might seem like more people have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc., mental health diagnostic tools have become more accurate. More people who need therapy and prescription medications are being taken seriously and receiving the help they require. Los Angeles inpatient mental health treatment is one of the best routes for people with serious […]

Tips to Manage Co-Occurring Autism and Anxiety

Alter Behavioral Health Can Help in California Medical researchers have found that anxiety is a common condition frequently occurring in people with autism. Although co-occurring disorders can involve any disorders, some conditions are often paired. Autism and anxiety involve their own symptoms, so each person may experience a somewhat different combination of symptoms if they […]

How to Help a Loved One With OCD

Alter Can Help You Support Someone With OCD Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition associated with repetitive, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) that drive them to repeat certain behaviors. For instance, people obsessed with the idea that they didn’t turn off the stove might check it repeatedly before bed. People obsessed with germs might wash […]

How to Manage Adult ADHD

Call Alter Behavioral Health for Help in California Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is usually diagnosed in children when symptoms appear. However, mental health symptoms may be mild and overlooked in some children. These individuals may go undiagnosed until adulthood. Like childhood ADHD, adult ADHD requires management to reduce symptoms and effectively cope with the disorder. Left untreated, […]

Different Types of Mental Disorders

Depression: More Than Just Feeling Sad Mental disorders affect people in all walks of life. The types of mental disorders range from mild to severe, lowering your quality of life and making it difficult to function daily. The good news is that in the past couple of decades, the stigma surrounding mental illness has turned […]