Blue Cross Blue Shield Mental Health Coverage

Insurance Can Help Cover Therapy and Treatment

Mental health disorders are common among Americans, with approximately one in five currently living with an ongoing mental health disorder. The need for effective mental health treatment methods is more predominant than ever. At Alter Behavioral Health, we understand the impacts of mental health disorders when they go untreated, and our team is here to empower you to see that treatment options can stabilize your mental health. That’s why knowing that we accepted Blue Cross Blue Shield mental health coverage is essential.

With the right treatment approaches and clinical diagnoses, you’ll gain the coping strategies, behavioral management tools, and medical treatments necessary to help you regulate your mental health functioning. If you’re seeking mental health therapy and treatment but are curious about the cost of your treatment program, there are options to help, including insurance coverage for mental health treatment that can pay for a portion of or all of the costs.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Therapy?

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers coverage for a number of leading mental health therapies. Depending on your specific network plan, the range of Blue Cross Blue Shield mental health coverage offered will vary — you can have partial or full-cost coverage. If you receive BCBS insurance from your employer, they can provide specific benefits for employees and customize the insurance plans offered to their staff. Depending on the specific employer insurance plan, stipulations or deductible costs may be associated with accessing coverage for mental health treatment in your insurance policy. There may also be specific steps in accessing your Blue Cross Blue Shield mental health coverage. To find out the full details and steps required for your coverage, speak with an insurance representative who can explain the coverage included in your individual insurance policy.

Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance coverage includes behavioral health therapy methods that support you in understanding your triggers and responsive or reactive behaviors while developing coping strategies for emotional regulation and crisis management. Your insurance can also cover evidence-based treatments, including psychoanalysis or therapeutic services.


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What Else Does BCBS Cover for Mental Healthcare?

Mental health disorders encompass several disorders with their own symptoms and impacts. In order to treat each patient with the right therapy or treatment method, you must be provided with appropriate levels of care specifically geared toward the individual symptoms you’re experiencing. This can be done through various comprehensive treatment methods, including evidence-based therapy, holistic therapies, behavioral analysis, and access to clinical or medical assessments and treatments.

Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans can include additional therapy methods that offer specialized, personalized treatment approaches for specific symptoms of mental illness. The majority of insurance plans with Blue Cross Blue Shield include:

  • Residential treatment: Attending a residential treatment program for short- or long-term therapy programs.
  • Applied behavioral analysis: This is common within autism treatment. Patients can develop specific skills in various domains for developmental functioning such as social skills, communication, academic skills and success, maintaining hygiene or personal grooming, and developing motor skills.
  • Emergency mental health care: There are times when the symptoms you are experiencing can become overwhelming and challenging to manage. You must receive immediate psychological and therapeutic care to address problematic thinking and emotional responses to maintain your safety and well-being during those times. Emergency mental health care is available day or night to access clinical or therapeutic care to stabilize your symptoms and keep your mental health functioning stable and healthy.
  • Other mental health services: Each insurance plan covers various forms of treatment. Depending on your plan and your required needs for treatment, you may be able to access specific alternative healing methods to stabilize your mental health condition or a loved one mentally unstable.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Mental Health Coverage, Blue Cross Blue Shield Mental Health


Do I Need a Referral for Blue Cross Blue Shield Mental Health Coverage?

There is no referral needed for Blue Cross Blue Shield policyholders. If you’re a policyholder that has coverage under an Advantage plan, you can freely seek out and access mental health treatment without having to see your primary health care provider for a clinical referral. If you’re a Medicare policyholder through Blue Cross Blue Shield, all mental health services are covered within your plan and you can access the appropriate mental health care providers without specific referrals or additional costs.


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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Clinic for Mental Healthcare

When you’re seeking mental health treatment or therapy, there are a number of factors to consider that ensure you’ll find appropriate, effective methods that support you in maintaining stable mental health functioning. There are various clinics and treatment programs to choose from, so when you’re researching where you might get therapeutic support, consider the following aspects:

  1. Which mental health practitioners do you need: Mental health treatment can be provided through psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed social workers, psychiatric nurses, counselors, marriage or couples therapists, and physicians. Determine the levels of care that you require to choose the appropriate mental health practitioners who can treat the symptoms of your mental health condition.
  2. Form of treatment: You can access a residential treatment program or outpatient counseling sessions. Residential treatment invites you to stay within a safe, supportive environment that is staffed with therapeutic and medical staff that guide you through your treatment process with the latest and most effective evidence-based methods. Attending counseling in an outpatient capacity allows you to stay at home while receiving the individual care you require to gain coping skills and tools.
  3. Assessments completed with patients: If you have been experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition but haven’t received a formal diagnosis, you’ll want to find a mental healthcare program to assist in getting a formal diagnosis. Once you’ve received a proper diagnosis, a thorough treatment plan can be effectively created to help bring you on the right path toward a healthy, stable future.
  4. Evidence-based treatment methods: Treating a mental health disorder requires a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses and treats the unique impacts of your mental health within your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Evidence-based therapy methods ensure that you’re offered a wide range of therapeutic methods supporting a whole-person integrated healing approach.


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Providing a Compassionate and Safe Environment for Healing.

Alter Behavioral Health Is Proud to Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Mental Health Coverage

At Alter Behavioral Health, we offer our patients compassionate levels of care to aid in effective mental health treatment. We believe that everyone has the right to access therapeutic services and evidence-based therapy methods to maintain their mental health. Our team strives to break down any financial constraints to your ability to access treatment by accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield mental health coverage. Our patients are offered accurate diagnoses for mental health disorders to provide them with a comprehensive treatment program that includes psychotherapy, medication treatment when needed, and individualized therapeutic care that ensures they can fully recover. Call Alter Behavioral Health today at 866-647-2716 to learn more about our mental health treatment programs and begin your journey to a healthier future.