Patient Says Alter Behavioral Health “Helped Save My Life From Emotional Episodes”

Irvine, California — A man who turned to Alter Behavioral Health for help with mental health treatment is praising the staff and experience he found at its Irvine facility.

In a recent five-star Google review, Eric wrote that Alter Behavioral Health “has some of the best and caring staff in the medical industry.” In addition to its Irvine facility, Alter Behavioral Health operates another mental health treatment center in nearby Mission Viejo.

“They helped save my life from emotional episodes and I am grateful to them,” Eric wrote in his review. I highly recommend ABH if you are seeking mental health treatment or do not know where to turn.”

Alter Behavioral Health is operated by Alter Health Group, which has a network of mental health treatment centers and one drug and alcohol addiction treatment center across California, providing top care and evidence-based therapies and interventions to the people who turn to these facilities for help.

alter behavioral health saves lives

Alter Mental Health, located in San Diego, is a unique mental health crisis stabilization center where a small group of people live for a short time to stabilize before going on to other facilities for treatment. It’s an alternative to hospitalization for the people who need this kind of help. Alter Wellness Care offers flexible, customized outpatient mental health and behavioral health treatment in Laguna Beach. In Dana Point, Alter’s California Rehab Campus offers top drug and alcohol addiction treatment ranging from detoxification to inpatient residential addiction treatment and a focus on support and aftercare following treatment.

In California, Alter Health Group also operates two virtual mental health platforms — Mindfuli, which offers virtual mental health therapy, and BeWellLine, a grant-funded free emotional-support chat and phone helpline for the state’s teens and young adults.

Alter Behavioral Health’s two inpatient mental health treatment facilities are recognized for their unique amenities, such as luxurious residential surroundings, nutritious meals, and comfortable and inviting furnishings and decorations. The treatment centers’ top clinicians and counselors can help people suffering from a wide range of mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, autism co-occurring disorders, bipolar disorder, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, and dissociative identity disorder.

Learn more about what makes Alter Behavioral Health stand out among mental health treatment options in California by visiting its website or calling 866-628-1233.